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50 Cent Blood On The Sand [Jtag/RGH]

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Every crate is full of cash and every phone booth is an opportunity to instantly buy and switch up to more elaborate weaponry, including grenade launchers, RPGs, auto-shotties and monstrous assault rifles and hand-cannons. Should you struggle - and you really shouldn't - there's a chargeable slow-motion "Gangster Fire" mode that virtually pauses the world around 50 so he can charge around at full speed restoring his advantage. There's nothing here to worry Gears of War 2 - none of the more exotic and considered level layouts, movable cover points, or changes of pace - and your enemies are dimwitted and predictable opponents who rarely threaten you as the Locust can, while set-pieces like collapsing buildings and boss fights with helicopters are processional, but it doesn't matter. there are more than enough ridiculous, flying ragdoll deaths, bonkers taunts and comfortably brutal firefights to distract you, while the hit-and-miss hip-hop soundtrack keeps you up to date with 50's love of guns, New York and bitches.

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand - Mission #2 - Freeway

Но мы и не берем его в чистом виде, хотя вовсе обойтись без него не можем, как не обходится без нравственных выводов и сам автор. Выводы эти после поймутся, когда жизнь человеческая пройдет перед нами, но поймутся обязательно и сказаны будут веско.

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand - FINAL MISSION - Wilders Crib

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