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Alice in chains dirt songs cobray serial number lookup Last Alice In Chains. But if you've listened to rock radio, you've alice in chains dirt songs heard this band dozens of times, and this album is the reason. Here present is the classic line-up say what you will, but Mike Starr is by far their best bassistwho start off right from the get go to pummel you into chans with heavy riffing and awe-inspiring lyrics. Though many an album by this band is excellent, "Dirt" remains the definitive one.

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Share on Facebook It's not an easy task choosing the 10 best Alice in Chains songs, especially with their stellar history, but we're giving it a shot. Pearl Jam and Nirvana may have gotten a little more glory in the early '90s but it's hard to pick a band that was more influential on hard rock music for the next two decades than Alice in Chains. The group cranked out one of the most impressive catalogs of any band during the '90s, with several memorable hits. Sadly, the drug addiction and ultimate death of singer Layne Staley put Alice in Chains' standout career on hold for much of the next decade, but an impressive return with William DuVall joining the band in 2009 has shown that their second era will be able to continue the success of the first.

Alice In Chains - What the Hell Have I

But when it comes to the bands that make up the Big Four of grunge, none ever unleashed an album as monolithic and downright harrowing as Alice in Chains' 1992 masterpiece, Dirt. The band's second full-length overall, it built and expanded upon the template they had laid out on their 1990 debut, Facelift, in the process jacking up the intensity and raw emoting to incredible, and at times uncomfortable, extremes.

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Alice In Chains - Man in the Box (Official Video)

Alice In Chains - Voices

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