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The Adorable Reason Why Everyone Is in Love With Amy Schumer’s Husband

Amy schumer husband restaurant relative dating techniques anthropology quizlet She recently starred in the Broadway play Meteor Shower, and the comedian is now promoting her upcoming movie, I Feel Pretty director. Abby Kohn But it looks like, in addition to all of her work, Amy Schumer has a new boyfriend. The actor shared a photo of the pair engaged in a liplock on Instagram Sunday, and Chris Fischer and Schumer look super close svhumer the sweet pic. She captioned the photo, "Happy Birthday theellenshow amy schumer husband restaurant you for having us!

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Back in February, the couple announced that they tied the knot after only a few months of dating. As though that wasn't sweet and serendipitous enough, on Oct. But for those who aren't familiar with Schumer's better half, here are 10 facts about Chris Fischer , Amy Schumer's husband from Martha's Vineyard. Marrying a celebrity is a unique experience, one to which many of us couldn't even begin to relate. Though his wife is decidedly in the public eye as one of the most famous comedians in the world right now, Fischer opts to keep a more private profile , shying away from social media and the camera in general.

Amy Schumer Harasses Bradley Cooper

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