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Bella Thorne Is Looking For Her Next Girlfriend After Tana Mongeau Breakup

Are tana mongeau and bella thorne married personal dating services ads She is famous for her self-entitled YouTube channel. She is now in the limelight for her alleged lesbian relationship with Blended actress Bella Thorne. On her YouTube channel, she posted a video on 3 October in which she shared that she was stalked in her childhood. She revealed that the stalker not only hacked her phone but he reportedly broke inside her house and took photographs of her while sleeping. She also said are tana mongeau and bella thorne married the stalker called her and expressed his obsession for Tana.

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With so many followers on social media, here are things that you may want to know about her. It was there that she was raised alongside her siblings. While she has not given much information as regards how she was raised, Tana has shared pictures of her father and mother, Becca Mongeau, on social media. Nevertheless, what has made her popular above every other thing is her youtube channel as well as her social media engagements. She has a massive followership on YouTube with over 3 million subscribers and over a quarter billion views.

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For the younger set, they may just know her from her Disney Channel days before transitioning into more sophisticated films. One thing different about Thorne being a part of the Disney universe is she came out as bisexual, though only after leaving the Mouse House. Her relationships have been a bit complex as a result, but it gives you some insight into how those considering themselves bi manage in Hollywood.

Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne ENGAGED?

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Bella Thorne & Mod Sun BREAK UP! + Tana Mongeau & Kylie Jenner New BFF's



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