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Bankruptcy court records new york dating site data hacked Bankruptcy Court Rejects Forum-Shopping Ploy Connecticut Law Tribune March 11, 2013 It has become a reality of bankruptcy practice that most large or complex Chapter 11 cases are filed and administered in one of two so-called "magnet districts" — Delaware or the Southern District of New York Manhattan — irrespective of the location of the debtor's principal place of business, principal assets, creditors or employees. The law that enables this to happen bankruptcy court records new york 28 U. In addition, a corporation can file where there is a pending case concerning one or more of its affiliates, which can include not only a wholly-owned subsidiary, but a corporation in which the filing corporation bankruptcy court records new york at least a 20 percent equity interest.

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Representative Matters News Bankruptcy litigation requires keen judgment and the ability to find solutions in an efficient manner. We have substantial experience representing all of the primary constituencies in the bankruptcy process, including debtors, creditors, trustees and other key stakeholders. On their behalf, we litigate and try adversary proceedings, remove non-core matters from bankruptcy to the District Court, appeal adverse bankruptcy decisions to the District Court, and prosecute and defend preference and fraudulent transfer actions. We regularly handle disputes over cash collateral, advise clients on debtor-in-possession financings, challenge automatic stays, and litigate successor liability, constructive trust, alter ego and lender liability. Bankruptcy Litigation Challenges Bankruptcy litigation has several challenging and distinctive characteristics.

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Westmoreland had been sprinting through a bankruptcy process that started in October. On one side. an enormous and powerful global consulting company. On the other. the retired founder of a smaller turnaround firm who has become a thorn in the side of its larger rival. The man leveling the accusations, Jay Alix, is a retired turnaround expert who has made it his personal mission to harry McKinsey. Alix has a powerful ally. the United States Justice Department.

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