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Batman Arkham games: where could Rocksteady go next?

Batman arkham games in order queens online degree reddit Comments Shares This article was originally published in late 2016, but since today is Batman Day, gaes that means, here we've retrieved it from our archives. The new sections of the city are pretty uninspiring, batman arkham games in order the industrial district and that tediously long bridge you have to travel back and forth across. I constantly find myself with nothing to grapple or land on, halting my momentum, which never happens in the other games. Samuel. The city suffered from feeling anonymous. Spider-Man 2 PS4. where could Insomniac go with a sequel? Here it is. what should Rocksteady do next with its virtual version of the DC universe? We know for a fact that Rocksteady is gearing up for a triple-A release , as they're hiring marketing people to promote it, but we don't have a clue what that game will end up being. It has also been rumoured that Warner Bros Montreal, who previously made the prequel game Arkham Origins, is working on two games in the DC universe.


The refreshed versions were created by Virtuos, a company which previously created other remastered games. The first title takes place in a mental facility taken over by Joker and other villains.

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