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5 New Year’s beauty resolutions for women over 50

Beauty bloggers over 50 portable apps photoshop Are you doing them?! Ditch the wet wipes Cleansing your face thoroughly morning and evening is essential. Wipes are usually milder than other cleansing products and also means all the tugging and rubbing we do when using them particularly around the eye area can cause the skin to lose elasticity quicker. Use a gentle beauty bloggers over 50 cleanser, both in the morning and evening and follow with a gentle toner and nourishing moisturiser. I believe that personal style is an essential form of self-expression and started this blog in 2007 in hopes of having a conversation about style for our demographic, which no one else seemed to be addressing at the time. As a little girl, I played dress-up and hair salon for hours and hours. My Barbie dolls were the most stylish in the neighborhood, and I held my grandmother hostage while I piled make-up on her face she was a good sport.

How to Do Classic Makeup on a Mature Face

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If you're still using the same makeup routine you had a decade ago -- you've got a problem. Fortunately, we have the beauty bloggers to get you out of your rut.

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