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What the cast of Victorious looks like today

Beck victorious actor personagem jade da novela o clone In Hannah Montana, Miley Stewart had teen problems, but she also faced the demands of her secret identity as a superstar teen singer. As the theme song put it, she had the best of both worlds. The series beck victorious actor a hit, and other networks took note. Nickelodeon, for example, tasked producer Beck victorious actor Schneider to " follow where the kids are. Casting the lead was no trouble. Schneider had already pegged Justice as the next Nick star.

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Pinterest Ever since Disney announced plans to develop a live-action remake of Aladdin , fans have been talking about just one thing. who should play the main characters, Aladdin and Jasmine. A popular frontrunner for the titular pauper-turned-prince? Avan Jogia. Just Jared notes that the Victorious actor has been name-dropped over and over again in connection to the film — and from a quick scroll through social media, it's obvious that fans love him for the part too.

Victorious Casts (Real Name & Age) Then And Now 2018

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What the cast of Victorious looks like today Getty Images Want to feel old? The stars of the hit show Victorious are all grown up, and they're putting their Hollywood Arts experience to use. Read on to find out what our favorite fame-bound teens are up to today. Victoria Justice Getty Images The lead of Victorious, actress Victoria Justice has had quite a few projects lined up since her last day on the Nickelodeon lot. Unfortunately, this show didn't make it past its first season, leaving her once again without a home on a network.

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