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The Realities of Dating a Truck Driver

Being married to a truck driver black mirror dating app meaning Sometimes trucking marriages don't make it, and this part of the vow becomes, "To have and to hold from this day forth, 'til trucking do us part. Things get tough when the loads aren't there. The home time visits are few and far between, and way too short. It's hard. Every day is different. Some days it feels easy; I feel optimistic and upbeat and I can handle it just fine.

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The job does have its drawbacks, however, such as loneliness, boredom, and fatigue. It can also take a toll on a marriage, as spouses may go weeks or even months without being able to spend time together. One way to help with these problems is to form a husband and wife trucking team.

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Company vs. Lease vs. Owner op. The basics.

being in a relationship with a truck driver

People Judge People can be judgmental little turds when it comes to truck drivers. And if they are at their max weight, it can take them a lot longer to get moving from a full stop.



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