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World Bachelor in Business

Bocconi milano tuition should recovering addicts date each other Tweet The number of international bocconni in Stockholm, Sweden, will exceed 10,000 this year, bringing it back up to the level fuition before the introduction of tuition fees for international students in 2011, which led to a fall in recruitment. China bocconi milano tuition biggest source For the first time since student fees were introduced in Sweden in 2011, China is the biggest source of international students, taking over from Germany. For many years, Bocconi milano tuition and Finland have been the top countries of origin for international students in Stockholm, but their numbers have not increased as bocconi milano tuition as those from China, meaning that they have now fallen to a second and third place respectively. Stockholm is one of the five bocconi milano tuition regions in Europe and an increased level of diversity within our academic circles can only strengthen our competitive potential. The highest total number of international students is, however, at Stockholm University, which has 3,796 international students, of which the largest group comes from Finland, followed by Germany.

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Program description World bachelor in business WBB The WBB is a four-year undergraduate program jointly developed by three leading business universities. This innovative bachelor program will be taught in English and has been designed for bright young students with a multicultural outlook. The world bachelor in business is a bold new direction in higher education. Its goal is to foster truly international leaders who thrive with the sort of complex international problems and opportunities facing business today. During four years of study, students will live on three continents where they will learn from internationally renowned teachers and scholars.

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