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Bottled app what to write girlfriend seems distant uninterested The adverts might be a little sleazy bottled app what to write and there, but that's down to a slight identity crisis. While the app could be used for nefarious purposes, in my time with it I've found that the userbase is made up of people who wouldn't dream of spreading negativity or trolling. But what is the app? And what does it actually do? Opening Bottled for the first time, you're asked ehat you want to be a sailor, a treasure hunter, or a pirate. Photo Credit. komonews. Each time it re-enters the great ocean blue, the message grows stronger with each word anew. I love the creativity and positivity these three friends put into their bottled note! If anyone out there knows about the second message, which you can see here , let me know!

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The bottle was discovered when a group of kite surfers were cleaning the beach in Neretva, near Dubrovnik, in the far south of Croatia. A young member of the club, Matea Medak-Rezic, noticed that one of the old bottles had a message inside. The message read, "Mary, you really are a great person.

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