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Brandon Stanton: Getting to know the man behind Humans of New York

Brandon stanton net worth nate ruess net worth 2019 That's right, social media stars can make thousands, even millions of dollars brandon stanton net worth year through sponsored posts, brandon stanton net worth content, and consistent engagement with their followers. Here are five social media celebs who might make you want to quit your job to go full-time on Link At the time, he had no idea that posting Humans of New York on Facebook would lead him to over 12 braneon likes and a career in public speaking, photography, and writing.

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I was inclined to dismiss it all as dumb clickbait—this was, after all, a girl who'd responded to the novels of J. Coetzee by asking about the South African head of the state "Madea," whom she knew Morgan Freeman had played in "Invictus"—but something more pernicious was at work. Turns out the site is actually popular. Its explicit goal, at its outset, was to capture a photographic portrait of every single person who inhabits this city.

Brandon Stanton Interview - The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)

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He is also famous as the creator of Humans of New York, known as a prevalent photo journalistic work which possesses more than 17. Early Life Brandon Stanton was born in year 1984 and his upbringing was done in Marietta, situated inside Georgia, identified as a district of Atlanta. This is the place where he did his schooling during year 2002. Moreover, he completed major in history.

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Brandon Stanton: The Good Story

30 Under 30: Brandon Stanton, Creator Of 'Humans Of New York' - TIME

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