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Dating someone with a serious criminal record

Can a police officer date someone with a criminal record uk soulmate studio website Informed warning for non-specified offence filtered after one year filtered after one year Examples of filtered records The examples of filtered records explain when filtering applies to cautions or convictions for minor offences. Real people's names aren't used. Old and minor offence — conviction and fine Arnold is 52.

can you be a police officer with a criminal record uk

Offences involving serious violence or injury including Grievous Bodily Harm GBH and Actual Bodily Harm ABH Offences involving unsolicited violence towards others Unlawful possession of weapons, firearms or going equipped to steal Gross indecency Acts of indecency Abuse or neglect of children Public order offences — involvement in riot, violent disorder, affray, causing fear or provocation of violence, causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress Interference with the Administrator of Justice or the investigation of offences Burglary Offences which involve elements or acts of dishonesty, corruption, substantial financial gain or serious loss to anyone including theft, fraud and deception Serious involvement in drugs including possession of a Class A drug e. Minor drugs offences or substance abuse — no more than one offence and only after two years have elapsed following a caution or two years from conviction. Undisclosed convictions Where the police suspect that you have failed to declare a conviction or caution, enquiries will be made to ascertain whether the conviction or caution is attributable to you. Enquiries will be made to the relevant court to ensure that the conviction has not been overturned on appeal.

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marrying someone with a criminal record

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can a police officer have a relationship with a criminal


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