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23 arrested in Chicago gang case involving 11 killings

Chicago gang murders 2018 aziz ansari show length That compares to 660 homicides in 2017 and more than 770 in chidago. Police in Chicago, the nation's third-largest city, report that 561 homicides were committed between Jan. That compares to 660 homicides in 2017 and more than 770 in 2016, which marked a 19-year high that put a national spotlight on Chicago's persistently dire rates of chicago gang murders 2018 violence.

Email CHICAGO — Members of a Chicago street gang suspected of killing at least 11 people and terrorizing a South Side neighborhood for years have been charged as part of a joint federal and state investigation announced Friday. The Goonie Boss faction, under purported leader, 22-year-old Romeo "O-Dog" Blackman, operated in the Englewood neighborhood, killing rivals, issuing threats through social media, boasting online about acts of violence and threatening witnesses, according to charging documents unsealed Friday. They stress instead how gang members seemed to obsess over burnishing their reputation for fearsomeness and over boosting their gangland status. In all, 23 people have been charged from the investigation that goes back two years.

Firsthand look at Chicago gang violence

The Great Chicago Crime Spike In 2016, the city saw a dramatic spike in violent crime rates, with more than 760 reported homicides—up 42 percent from the previous year. Meanwhile, non-gun homicides and other crimes staying relatively constant. Click to enlarge. The violence was also extremely concentrated.

An MS-13 member killed a man on a New York subway platform. The gang dates back to the 1970s.

After a funeral meal, mourners in a courtyard were sprayed with bullets. The wounded included four teenage girls. At a block party providing distraction from the weekend heat wave, Jahnae Patterson, 17, was shot in the face and died. Scenes like these unfolded over and over again in Chicago during the course of a long, exceptionally violent weekend.



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