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Choi Jong Hoon Sempat Bantah, SBS Ekspos 'Hubungan Mesranya' dengan Petinggi Polisi

Choi jong hoon sbs las vegas singles chat Evidence that male singers Choi Jong Hoon FT Island allegedly guilty of drunk driving and licked the case by going to the "back door" choi jong hoon sbs a high-ranking police officer — a character said to be "back-to-back" for this artist association. Despite the refusal of the charge of participating in a sex chat room with Seungri and Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon recently admitted that he was arrested for drunk driving in 2016, as information in the SBS funE message Segment was revealed. Faced with evidence from the police and the media, the male FT group. Island nelson mccoy pottery ebay insists on refusing to use relations with the police to escape crime. The official statement of the management company Http:// Jong Hoon — FNC Entertainment is as follows. "After re-checking with choi jong hoon sbs relevant individuals, we were pleased to confirm that Choi Jong Hoon had been arrested by each police for drunk driving in Itaewon, Seoul in February 2016.

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Since then, Choi Jong Hoon has allegedly remained close friends with the police officer. The report further stated that Choi Jong Hoon also shared about the incident in the group chatroom that included Jung Joon Young and Seungri. In response, the police announced that they have begun their investigation into the alleged connections between Choi Jong Hoon and high-ranked police officers. Okay, so not only does this connect Choi Jong Hoon to the now infamous group chats and report that he had a DUI, but more importantly it alleges police corruption. Soon after, Choi Jong Hoon admitted to drunk driving through a statement , but denies requesting a cover-up.

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Dejen de DEFENDER a Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jonghyun y Yong Junhyung - Discutiendo Kpop

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