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Read Taya Kyle’s Moving Letter for Her Late Husband ‘American Sniper’ Hero Chris Kyle

Chris kyle wife death happn app dubai Kyle received his first gun a rifle from his father at the age of eight. It was a Springfield. Later he was also given a shotgun. After graduating high-school, Kyle was unsure of his future but decided to pursue a career as a professional bronco rider and ranch-hand. His career was short lived, however, chris kyle wife death severely injuring his arm in a rodeo accident.

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Image Source While some people crumble under the pressure, others summon the courage to face their challenges. Her husband was a national hero and was regarded as the deadliest sniper in American history. He later lost his life but his widow Taya did not allow his death to overwhelm her. She rather rose to become an author, activist and an inspiration to many. Get to know more about her incredible story here including her bio and age, kids, net worth and current marital status.

Along with staying strong throughout the difficult years the tragedy, the writer has also remained very supportive towards those women who share similar stories as her. She is also a Fox News Contributor and can often be seen sharing her stories and providing a way out for the ones in need.

Video shows American Sniper shooter moments after arrest

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What 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle Was Like as Husband, Father

'American Sniper' widow's gripping testimony



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