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The Flash: What's Next for Cisco After "Legacy"

Cisco ramon girlfriend season 2 kansas city singles groups over 50 A rumor has persisted that one character may depart ahead of Season 6 and tonight, that rumor became a reality as a core member of Team Flash made a major decision, one that will take them away from the team. Spoilers for tonight's Season 5 finale cisco ramon girlfriend season 2 of The Flash, "Legacy", below. In tonight's episode Cisco Ramon Carlos Valdes decides to take the metahuman cure, thus giving up his powers as Vibe and allowing him to leave STAR Labs to pursue a normal life away from the superheroing world. It's a decision that he comes to after Eobard Read more return.

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This means that his career as the crimefighter Vibe has come to a close, but there's nothing in the episode to indicate that Cisco is abandoning his friends at STAR Labs, despite a rumor that actor Carlos Valdes was not returning for The Flash season 6. However, the rumor was never officially confirmed by Valdes or anyone associated with the show. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. After nearly dying at the hands of the serial killer Cicada and faking his death as Vibe, Cisco began to become obsessed with the idea of creating a "cure" for metahuman powers that could allow anyone who wanted to lose their powers to do so. Eventually he realized that he wanted to give up being a superhero to focus on making a difference in the world with his inventions, rather than by fighting metahuman criminals.

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One of the major characters has been rumored to be leaving S. Labs for good. The Flash regular cast member Carlos Valdes has been reportedly bidding his farewell by the end of Season 5.

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Cisco Ramon Funny Moments from The Flash Season 2

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