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12 Signs You Grew Up Jewish in Chicago

Cool chicago jews ex girlfriend wants to be friends after no contact Growing up Jewish in Chicago means you still remember his name. Rabbi Knoblauch. Growing up Jewish in Chicago means that, during the High Holidays, you sat in shul with your dad in one of the back rows on a cool chicago jews folding chair and spent most of the service trying to see if you cool chicago jews develop telekinetic powers and use them to sear a hole into the freckle on the neck of the man sitting in front of you. Growing up Jewish in Chicago means your bar mitzvah was held at a fancy-schmancy Magnificent Mile hotel with an open bar where you and your 12- and 13-year-old friends drank actual cocktails, told dirty jokes and cool chicago jews out at the view of Lake Michigan while some of your car salesmen cousins shared tips on fleecing customers.

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The High Holidays have also come and gone, so we're all renewed with purpose to make this year better than the last. There's no better time to meet new Jews! The High Holidays can be a much-needed reminder of just how many Jewish people are out there that you've yet to meet, and yes — there are still plenty of other gefilte fish in the sea.

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Chicago's Best Southern Burbs: Merichka's

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