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Bethenny Frankel mourns Dennis Shields' death

Dennis shields death jill infp woman in love Tweet on Twitter Bethenny Frankel attended the funeral of her on-again-of-again boyfriend Dennis Shields. The Real Housewives of New York star dennis shields death jill dressed all a black with a white collar and cuffs as dejnis arrived for the service at a funeral home in Long Island on Friends to lovers signs morning. She held back tears as she left, leaning on a blonde companion dennis shields death jill support. She is yet to publicly comment on the tragic death of 51-year-old Shields, whose body was found in his home in Trump Tower Friday after overdosing on oxycodone, an addictive opioid he was taking to treat back pain. He was pronounced dead by EMTs shortly afterwards. The 51-year-old died after overdosing on Oxycodone which he was taking to treat back pain, at around 9am on Friday in his apartment on the 42nd floor, the DailyMail reports. Before he died, Shields asked an assistant to give him Narcan, a drug commonly used to reverse the effects of opioids, but he lost consciousness before it kicked in and was pronounced dead by EMTs shortly afterwards. Sources close to the businessman told DailyMail.

Dennis Shields Wife Breaks Silence (who said about Bethenny Frankel)

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Shortly before 9am on Friday, Shields asked his maid to buy him Narcan from a pharmacy after taking multiple pills the night before, according to TMZ. He was pronounced dead by EMTs shortly afterwards. Sources close to the businessman told DailyMail. Frankel was unaware of the news on Friday morning and was adding to her Instagram story frequently until around noon she is seen above in a selfie with her dog on Friday morning Frankel was at her home in Bridgehampton when he died. She appeared to be unaware of the tragedy and was uploading photographs and videos to her Instagram story until around noon.

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Bethenny Frankel Sobs at Boyfriend’s Funeral

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