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The Real Reason the Duggar Family Follows a Dress Code

Duggar family clothing rules dating in london is impossible Duggar family clothing rules boy do these Duggars have a lot to say, especially when it comes to their religion, right? At least, according to them. Their children are expected to abide by all of their rules and regulations at all times. And the same applies to the way they dress as well. According to family matriarch Michelle Duggar, her daughters must dress modestly at all times.

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Share Anyone familiar with 19 Kids and Counting knows that the Duggar family tends to be pretty conservative when it comes to most things, clothing included. It's one of the reasons the men in the family can usually be found wearing pants, while the women are always in skirts. But with Jinger Duggar making headlines multiple times this year by wearing pants, some people are wondering what the Duggars' clothing rules actually are — or if the family only dresses traditionally out of preference alone. The way mom Michelle Duggar describes it, the family's clothing rules were discussed and decided on early on by the entire family, as the older kids started to grow up and ask about their "decisions to wear modest dress ," according a post by Michelle on TLC.

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