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All the Celebrity Couples Who’ve Called It Quits in 2018

Fake celebrity relationships 2018 casual dating rules reddit When a Hollywood love story isn't what it seemed. Because while love does exist for those with a little fame to their name, some are in it for fake celebrity relationships 2018. It may be a small price to pay for an upcoming movie or TV show, or simply a way of distracting from other stories.

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Brad and Angelina wowed us all with their charity work and their unbelievable attractiveness, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson gave us newlywed blues on their reality show, Seal and Heidi Klum gave us model realness within their marriage, and Chris Pratt and Anna Faris made us believe in superheroes and super love. Yet, when these relationships all came to an end, we all felt as if our own hearts had been broken, and that we had all been dumped. Could they have deceived us all along? Well, here are the celebs who have been accused of a fake relationship. As devout Scientologists, the details surrounding their marriage were kept under lock and key.

Top 5 Famous Young Celebrity Couples ► 2018

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After all, they're both at the top of their game, they're both gorgeous, and they both know how to stay in the spotlight. Plus, it seemed like it would actually kind of work — Lopez has proven that she loves younger guys, and J. Lo has all the curves that Drake seems to love on his women.

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Hollywood relationships that seemed completely fake Getty Images Carmen Ribecca Even the strongest of Hollywood couples can struggle to go the distance. Between all the gossip and the harsh glare of the spotlight, mundane problems can be perceived as scandalous, which can easily take a toll on a relationship. That said, when a star-studded romance is about as genuine as a politician's promise, it's easy to call BS.

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