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DOJ looking into sexual abuse in a Florida women’s prison

Female inmates in florida prisons randall emmett age net worth Florida's Neanderthal Prison Guards 'Withhold' Women's Personal Hygiene Items as Prisns By Nancy Smith April 2, 2019 - 7.00am It says something profoundly unsavory for Florida when the female inmates in florida prisons Legislature needs to pass a law so women in prison can get something as basic and essential female inmates in florida prisons a tampon. How about we make the first order of business for the new surgeon general explaining the function of a woman's anatomy to every official and jug-headed guard at every women's prison in the state. Certainly legislators "debating" the "Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act" get it.

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Linkedin Comment A federal judge accused a Florida prison system of bigotry when he ruled that a biological man convicted of attempted murder must be allowed to wear bras and panties in a men's prison and receive hormone therapy. Keohane was diagnosed with gender dysphoria at the age of 16, and began hormone transition therapy under the care of an endocrinologist at 19. Keohane accepted a plea deal in 2014 believing that hormone therapy would resume once he was placed under DOC custody. Upon transfer to a DOC facility, however, hormone transition treatments ceased and Keohane wasn't allowed to wear female clothing. Keohane's hair was also shaved in accordance to the prison's male inmate hair length policy.

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The storm is set to make landfall Wednesday afternoon with sustained winds of 145 miles an hour and expected storm surges of over 14 feet. Mandatory evacuation orders are in place for coastal regions in at least 13 Florida counties. On Tuesday evening, Florida corrections officials evacuated seven satellite facilities in the path of Michael, primarily work-release centers and work camps, which generally have lower security than regular prisons. None of those facilities lie directly in mandatory evacuation zones, but some, like the Bay Correctional Institution in Panama City, sit right on the edge of an area deemed extremely prone to flooding, according to FEMA maps. Read more. South Carolina failed to evacuate a prison.

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