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How to Call a Live Person in Fidelity Customer Service

Fidelity 401k customer service recovering addict dating Reps are always nice but accomplish little except providing excuses for issues. In the process of deciding which investment company to move our accounts to. I called on Monday and told them I want to do this. They told me it will take one day.

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You can make your Solo 401k annual contribution into the Fidelity non-prototype account via ACH or by physical check. ACH transfers are setup on your bank side. How it works Fidelity is simply providing brokerage account for your Solo 401k, and My Solo 401k Financial is your Solo 401k provider. That is only allowed on pre-tax IRA and retirement accounts. I was hoping to roll over a Roth IRA into my solo 401k roth account.

fidelity customer service

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Fidelity Investments - How to Rebalance a Portfolio

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