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The cast of Shameless in real life

Frank from shameless age straight outta generator not working However, sometimes we get so lost in a frank from shameless age — especially after spending shamelesw days or weeks binge-watching, that we tend to forget they are actually just actors and actresses, and are usually living extremely different lives than the people they portray on-screen. Because frank from shameless age that reason alone we decided to make a list of some of the best characters on the show, to see what they are really like and really look like when they are not acting. William H. Frank is a father of six intelligent, spirited, and independent kids, who would probably be better off without him.

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Macy — Frank Gallagher William H. Macy stars as the protagonist of the tale, Frank Gallagher. A man without a plan it seems, Gallagher has six kids, all with their own free-spirited minds, and he has a troublesome drinking problem.

Shameless Then and Now 2018 [Real Name & Age]

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No matter how bad things get for Frank Gallagher, he finds a way to keep going. For instance, when his liver gave out, he managed to get a replacement, even though it was abundantly clear that he was never going to make the lifestyle changes demanded of organ recipients. Looking at that situation alone, it is hard to fathom that Frank is still among the living but it is far from the only time he could have passed away. After all, considering his severe addiction issues, it seems like it should have been only a matter of time until his health permanently failed or his life met a sudden end due to his impaired state.

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We watched the Gallagher family get up to mischief since 2011. Led by father Frank, this dysfunctional family might look crazy on-screen, but off-screen they are anything but that.

Real Salary Of Shameless Actors

'What Do You Want, Frank?' Ep. 8 Official Clip - Shameless - Season 9

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