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Fukushima disaster: first residents return to town next to nuclear plant

Fukushima daiichi nuclear disaster how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend over the phone For commercial re-use, please contact moc. Abstract The health threats of radiation-release incidents are diverse and long term. In addition to direct radiation effects, it is imperative to manage the indirect effects of radiation such as stigma, prejudice and broader mental health impacts. Six years after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident of March 2011, bullying caused by stigma and prejudice toward evacuees, including fukushima daiichi nuclear disaster, has become a social problem in Japan. This phenomenon may be associated with the fact that knowledge about radiation has still not reached the general public, fukushima daiichi nuclear disaster to a potential lack of motivation among Japanese citizens to learn about radiation and bullying.

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Start Your Free Trial Today As workers continued their attempts to cool the reactors, the appearance of increased levels of radiation in some local food and water supplies prompted Japanese and international officials to issue warnings about their consumption. At the end of March, the evacuation zone was expanded to 30 km around the plant, and ocean water near the plant was discovered to have been contaminated with high levels of iodine -131, which resulted from leakage of radioactive water through cracks in trenches and tunnels between the plant and the ocean. On April 6 plant officials announced that those cracks had been sealed, and later that month workers began to pump the irradiated water to an on-site storage building until it could be properly treated. On April 12 nuclear regulators elevated the severity level of the nuclear emergency from 5 to 7—the highest level on the scale created by the International Atomic Energy Agency —placing it in the same category as the Chernobyl accident , which had occurred in the Soviet Union in 1986.

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