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5 Takeaways From Funny Or Die's Donald Trump Movie

Funny or die movie free genogram and ecomap software Five years ago this month the influential comedy website Funny or Die took a few baby steps and uploaded its first video, a rough, hastily assembled sketch that starred, appropriately enough, funny or die movie baby. Pearl McKay was 2 years old at the time, the daughter of parents deeply rooted in Chicago — her mother, Shira Piven, grew up in Evanston, the sister of actor Jeremy Piven. Funny or die movie father, Adam McKay, got his start in the Chicago comedy scene in the early '90s, then left in 1995 to become a writer at "Saturday Night Live. Back then, expectations for Funny or Die, which seemed like just another mingling of originally produced comedy videos and user-uploaded material, fell somewhere dir line with scores of other, similar Hollywood-Internet hybrid misfires — remember Dot Comedy HerePop Steven Spielberg and SuperDeluxe TBS? Randazzo, the former editor of the Onion, spent months last year immersed in the collected clips and writings of the GOP front-runner, turning his research into a 1980s-set parody script for the website Funny or Die. Americans went to bed Tuesday night after watching cable-news coverage of Trump's win at the New Hampshire primary. They awakened Wednesday morning to a different kind of entertainment. The release quickly prompted a viral frenzy on social media, though no response — yet — from one realdonaldtrump. Trump himself is presented as the film's director, writer, producer and — of course — star.

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