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The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura

Haruka kotoura age finnish word for girl Likes. Spending time with her friends and making new ones Dislikes. Reading perverted thoughts Personality Kotoura is a very happy and bubbly person who loves to spend time with friends and making new friends. Kotoura loves to experience and kootoura new things with her friends even if it's in the club room or out of school. Kotoura has the habit of blaming herself haruka kotoura age she thinks she click haruka kotoura age wrong.

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Occupation. Student Appearance She is a petite girl for a highschool girl. Her height doesn't change much since she was in middle school. She has type of triple ombre hair style, in which top is a bright mixture of yellow and orange.

Kotoura-san Mind Reading Moments 1

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