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Henry Rollins reads Dr Seuss children's book for Funny Or Die

Henry rollins books ranked common interest dating sites Nightstand Henry Rollins Although it has been years since Rollins, 55, performed in Black Flag and the Rollins Henry rollins books ranked, the former punk rock frontman is as busy — and as outspoken — henry rollins books ranked ever. When asked to discuss his thoughts on the June 22 congressional sit-in for gun law change, and that moment ranjed the Democrats sang We Shall Overcome, Rollins said Americans should think less about the "we" and more about the "you. The 'we' will not. The 'we' is done,'' he said. What is done in your name, in the 'we,' as Americans is pretty horrific.

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In fact, most words fail to capture his many dimensions. In August of 1981, young Henry got his start, joining the seminal punk band Black Flag. Shortly after that, he formed the breakthrough Rollins Band.

The greatest Henry Rollins interview

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Then I have to get myself in another certain kind of mood to review him. Dude is challenging on the best of days. Rollins was abused as a child.

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A workaholic since the Black Flag days, Rollins also writes books, hosts a radio show, writes a weekly column for L. Rollins has all but abandoned music since the dissolution of Rollins Band about 10 years ago. Rollins is in Montreal to present his newest film He Never Died, a Toronto-shot horror-comedy in which Rollins — in his first leading role — plays Jack, a mysterious loner whose routine involves self-preservation through cannibalism and not a whole lot else. His careful routine is flipped upside down when the daughter he never knew he had Jordan Todosey drops by. The screening of the film at the Phi Centre will be preceded by a live conversation between Rollins and journalist Michael-Oliver Harding.

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As the glowering, head-banging leader of Black Flag, he spoke -- or should I say shouted -- for a generation of angry young men and not a few women. He did it in order to publish his own books, but at first they also published original and licensed titles by others, including Hubert Selby, Jr. Today, 2.



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