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Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Undiagnosed Infection With Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2

Herpes in the african american community romantic places in delhi to celebrate birthday This was a shocking revelation considering that nationally, 21 percent of all women between the ages of 14-49, regardless of ethnicity, are infected with the virus. In essence, African-American women comprise almost half of the number of those infected with the virus, despite the fact that they compromise only 13. Sexually transmitted disease STD herpes in the african american community have reported that men may be two to four times less likely to acquire HSV-2 than women. This is partially due to anatomical differences in genitalia, as women have more exposed communitg delicate areas on their genitalia by which the virus can be transmitted. Herpes in the african american community has also been suggested that these high rates of infection by African-American women may be due to societal barriers such as inaccessibility to adequate health care and lack of education regarding sexual health.

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This statistic alone is staggering, but even more troubling are the numbers among African Americans. The analysis showed that 39 percent of our community is infected with genital herpes, and — even worse — that 48 percent of African-American women are infected with the life-long virus. The news — that black women are so dramatically affected by this infection — for many was shocking, alarming, even painful, and understandably so. Unfortunately, this latest news was not actually new. According to several CDC analyses of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey NHANES — the source of the data — the prevalence of genital herpes for black women has remained unacceptably high, at about 50 percent, for more than two decades.

Georgia Woman Drops Herpes Lawsuit Against Usher

Similarly, new data show that genital herpes continues to disproportionately affect African Americans, especially young African-American women. Other studies presented at the conference today suggest approaches that may be effective in helping to reduce this toll. These studies found that culturally appropriate television, print, billboard, and radio ads can successfully increase awareness of STDs among young African Americans at high risk for infection, an important first step towards behavior change. Although gonorrhea infections increased more among white Americans and Latinos over this period, gonorrhea continues to have a much greater impact among African Americans.

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