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Ronnie Wood’s ’69 Hiwatt 100 DR103

Hiwatt amplifiers history transformation church dating series What hiwatt amplifiers history is based entirely on interviews I conducted with David Cottamwho used to work with Dave Reeves at Dallas Arbiter and at Hiwatt, and represents David's opinion. I'm offering this as a possible explanation based on someone's first-hand observations, and not as gospel. Also, some have suggested Dave Reeves was an employee of Dallas Arbiter, while others say he was a contractor only. I absolutely love British rock and the Hiwatt sound. I bought this Hiwatt half stack many years ago to replicate the sound of my favorite bands, and I have to say it does the job perfectly! Can you offer some Hiwatt history and tell me what my rig is worth today?

Gary Rossington and the HIWATT Amp Head -

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