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21 Hilarious Jokes About Shaving That Will Make Every Girl Say, "Fuck, That's Relatable"

I hate shaving my legs shadi girl mobile number Writer, wife read more mother, culture hound. I stopped shaving my legs in 2002. And yet, only i hate shaving my legs helping her prepare for this speech did I realize that I didn't know my own answer to the question of, So why don't you shave your legs? Believe it or not, people never ask. My friend Margaret said that after 20-some years of seeing people look ny her legs, and feeling the embarrassment they felt for her, she felt compelled to answer that unasked question.

reasons to shave your legs

Take, for example, my hair. While I'm the lucky holder of the long-thick-hair gene, that also means the hair on my legs has the same gene. The hair on my head garners tons of compliments, while the hair on my leg is the reason why I seem to hate shaved-leg season more than other people I know. Things get prickly within 24 hours of shaving and there's almost always a hint of dark hair follicle forget it if I'm using self tanner.

4 Mistakes You Make Shaving Your Legs

By Suzannah Weiss Nov 30 2015 I'm practically an expert on responding to people who criticize women for not shaving their legs or any other body parts society expects them to shave. After writing what I thought was a very reasonable, non-accusatory article on why I don't shave my legs , many angry Internet trolls, three radio shows, and even several friends pressed me to defend my decision.

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I Tried Shaving My Legs for the First Time! (and I'm blind...)


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