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Israel houghton songs in spanish linkedin professional profile tips Around the same time, in the Spanish singing churches, God was using a pioneering young man called Marcos Witt. The son of North American missionaries, born isrxel Texas and raised in Mexico, Marcos began playing the piano and performing music that was considered unacceptable by many church leaders at the time. Because Marcos was bilingual he understood what God was doing in the Anglo-speaking world and was able to introduce it to the Spanish-speaking context. Perhaps unintentionally, this excluded the fundamental doctrine and israel houghton songs in spanish that had been found at the heart of hymns since the Protestant Reformation. Sadly, many worship leaders, songwriters and composers misunderstood the intentions to move away from the doctrinal and theologically charged israel houghton songs in spanish.

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Never one to reside snugly within a specific genre or role, Israel Houghton and New Breed have never allowed stereotypical divides to domesticate them. And Houghton himself is never one who is just interested in building his own portfolio of hit records. Rather, imbued with a kingdom mentality of trying to help other artists extend their borders of influence, Houghton has had lend a hand in producing and writing records for Darlene Zschech, Karen Clark-Shead, Michael Gungor and Marvin Sapp among many others.

Israel Houghton - Friend Of God - Lyric Video

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Israel & New Breed - Te Amo (Live Performance)

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