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The 10 Best Jonah Hill Movies

Jonah hill movies funny dfu error 9006 That comes from Jonah Hill and his truly fantastic portrayal of Efraim Diveroli. Hill made the movie what it is. The film may not be the best, but Jonah Hill in jonah hill movies funny certainly is. For a comprehensive review of this movie, click here.

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Hill started his career as a playwright. After a one night stand with a beautiful woman who rebuffs him the morning after. He later learns that the two have inadvertently conceived a child. The film stars Adam Sandler as a depressed stand-up comedian turned movie star who is unhappy with the low quality of the films he turns out.

Top 10 Jonah Hill Performances

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His feature film debut was David O. Soon enough, he was a fixture of Apatow-directed and -produced films, including a starring role in Superbad and smaller but nonetheless hilarious parts in Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Funny People and more. He has been lauded for many of these roles by audiences and critics alike, and deservedly so. Here are his ten best films to date. Superbad 2007 Superbad is one of the best comedies of its decade.

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