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'Big Brother' houseguest Kaitlin Barnaby addresses her "ugly behavior" this season

Kaitlin barnaby husband badass gamer team names Live feed updates, gossip, and other tidbits. Kaitlin barnaby husband, I post spoilers. She says she is a fan of Big Brother, but is "kind of a newbie". She plans to "tease people and play with their minds".

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Apparently after tucking myself into bed, Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlin let the verbal diarrhea flow in the hammock.. Let us shine a little light on a few of the houseguests true colors.. Beginning with Jeremy, because the stuff that comes out of his mouth surely will remain on the editing room floor.

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By Kate Ward July 26 2013 During Thursday night's eviction episode of Big Brother, ousted houseguest Kaitlin Barnaby was made well aware of her mean girl status outside of the house, thanks to host Julie Chen's exit interview that referenced her involvement in some of the season's biggest fights. But Chen failed to directly touch on Season 15's hot-topic issue. the racism running rampant throughout the Big Brother house. Luckily, that's what TV journalists are for. Making the rounds to talk about her short stint on the series, Barnaby was forced to answer to racist statements lobbed by herself and two members of her alliance, Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman. And, unsurprisingly, Barnaby did everything possible to appear as the lesser of the three evils.

BIG BROTHER 15: Week 11 LIVE Group Recap w/ Kaitlin Barnaby

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Kaitlin Barnaby Big Brother 15 Post Eviction Interview - 7/25/13

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