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CONFIRMED: Kassie DePaiva Joins Days Of Our Lives As Eve Donovan!

Kassie depaiva age solar plexus chakra relationships All Rights Reserved. All materials on this site, including, but not limited to images, illustrations, audio clips, and video clips collectively the "Material" are protected by kassie depaiva age owned or controlled by CyberCountry, Inc. These materials are only for personal and noncommercial usage. Eve was first introduced to the soap in 1987 and was played by Charlotte Ross until she left in 1991. Unfortunately, Eve had to be written off of DAYS when the actress was diagnosed with cancer , but once she went into remission, DePaiva brought Eve back with a vengance! After she accidentally hit Sarah Horton with her car, she confessed to Shane that she was his daughter, and he took her in. Eve also had a crush on Frankie Brady, but when she tried to break up him and Jennifer Horton, Frankie ended up leaving town! Things got worse for Eve when her former pimp, Nick Corelli, forced her back into a life of prostitution.


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Kassie DePaiva of "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" (made with Spreaker)

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