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What's the Secret to Lauren Conrad's Gorgeous Instagram Photos? She Finally Reveals Her Strategy

Lauren conrad instagram filter dwight schrute quotes My take away from her video wasn't about her theme. Vonrad her theme was inspiring and aesthetically pleasing, I didn't feel as though the pictures I took throughout my life could be edited and posted in a way that resembled her feed. Simply put, I believed that Meghan Rienks lived a far more interesting life than me, and because of that, an Instagram lauren conrad instagram filter was impossible.

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Any girl who is up-to-date on all the social media trends has an Instagram aesthetic they hold close to them. It draws people into their profiles and gives lurkers an idea of who the girl is and what kind of life she lives. You know these girls.

New Instagram Theme! (WK 398.7) - Bratayley

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Are you posting on a regular basis on Instagram? So what is an Instagram grid, anyway? These harmonious grid effects are super effective in getting people to stop scrolling, like their images and even comment!

Lauren Conrad Gets Filtered! - Celebs Get Filtered - E! News

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And I get it — you want to visually stand out from the 700 million other accounts. But are we more likely to follow an account that uses a theme? Or are we more likely to follow an account that posts interesting, engaging, and relevant photos?



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