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Lemmy's funniest quotes and words of wisdom

Lemmy kilmister quotes about death aneri vajani instagram story About us Who is Lemmy Kilmister? If you show them enough times that their arguments are bullshit, then maybe just once, one of them will say, 'Oh! Wait lemmy kilmister quotes about death minute - I was wrong. Rare, I assure you. It's a sad fact, but it's true.

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And I got 'em, too. Looming tall and thrusting his voice upward into his mic, Lemmy cut the quintessential figure of a rock star in the minds of many today. Lemmy didn't give a fuck, and when he died, a huge piece of that attitude went with him. His autobiography White Line Fever quoted below a few times tells the story of a middle class boy who was abandoned by his father but enjoyed growing up spoiled by a loving mother and grandmother, and who grew up to manifest his disdain for authority and normalcy into one of the most influential careers in music history.

Lemmy Kilmister Motorhead Death Official Statement

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Юра выступал на вечере памяти и сказал, что Лариса могла бы руководить или очень строгим монастырем, или танковой армией. А эпизод, открывший мне ее характер, произошел в послевгиковские времена, меньше чем за год до ее смерти.

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Сцена 35 НАТ. У ДОМА НАТАЛЬИ,  НОЧЬ Стандартная жилая девятиэтажка.

Dave Grohl at Lemmy's funeral

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Но под влиянием "критики снизу" - женщины-работницы принесли в его кабинет своих кричащих младенцев, мгновенно осознал свою ошибку и тут же приказал приступить к строительству детских учреждений. Возникает полная иллюзия некоей легкости директорского бремени, что никак не соответствует жизненным реалиям.



  1. I agree 100% even if you don't like some one you can learn something from them.