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5 Reasons You Will Love and Hate Living in Guwahati

Living together in guwahati what do you call your significant other And a huge number of those who have decided to go take part in this race are found to be from our very own Assam and other states living together in guwahati North East India. While many from our older generation would dismiss the concept as living together in guwahati like as fashion trend or clothing line, a better insight would reveal that the concept is far rooted below the obvious grounds of looking hip and modern. Most of them, since their childhood, have been pushed by their parents to win cutthroat competitions, which most of them merely managed to cross over. With these in the back, they strive to break free and achieve some freedom in a new city, and this freedom comes in different packs, size, and price— drugs, whiskey, lifestyle and now more recently living together. Most of these couples tend to speak about the brighter side of living together, stating reasons like knowing each other better and fostering mutual understanding,- something which they could never test out in an arranged marriage.

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With growing private sectors, large number of youngsters are getting jobs. If you are a good singer or actor or dancer this is the place you love to stay and explore your creativity. This is the only city of northeast where the national level reality shows most of them come and take auditions, aging a way to the world of opportunities. Although according to the middle-class Axomiya, clubs and all are against the culture, but there is a parallel nightlife and it still exists. The shutters of the shops are closed and the traffic diminishes drastically after 11pm unless there is a festival happening in the town.

ACCOLAND, Guwahati: Non Stop Fun! -2017-

Tweet on Twitter Advertisement Guwahati, February 22. Live-in relationships now no longer seem to be a taboo in Assamese society as people no longer feel reluctant and are more vocal about this topic. Now things have eventually taken a new turn and are not as they used to be till a few years back. It has been observed from the reaction of the city locals that they are growing more accepting of these relationships instead of passing judgements. Dinesh Sarma of Uzanbazar who is engaged in rent-house business stated that he has given his house on rent to a young couple who are staying in a live-in relationship. He said he has been having no problem with his tenants and claimed to have no issue with their status as it is their personal matter.

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