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‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ Season 9 Premiere: Meet Cast Of VH1 Series

Love and hip hop new york cast 2018 you look so young It all started with New York, then later spilled over to Atlanta and finally the Hollywood edition. Other cities that have been proposed for the show include Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, and Houston. Ray J Net Worth 2018. Born as William Ray Norwood Jr. Both for the wrong and right gork.

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Living proof that life does give second chances, Remy enters Season 9 on a mission to show the world that one woman truly can have it all. As a father of three and a leader of the Black Love movement, Papoose is an outspoken advocate for positive depictions of African-American relationships and families. Joe has also reinvented himself as a family man, delighting millions on social media with glimpses into his home life alongside girlfriend Cyn Santana and their six-month-old baby Lexington. The Instagram filters mask a more complicated reality, though, and as she struggles with a possible case of postpartum depression, Cyn wants to use her platform to start a conversation about the more difficult aspects of motherhood. Meanwhile, after taking a years-long break from acting and singing, Cyn is ready to kick her music career back into high gear, but can she win the approval of the ultimate critic who just so happens to be the father of her child?

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Safaree Gets Corny - Check Yourself: S9 E1 - Love & Hip Hop: New York

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What's Going on w/ Mariahlynn & Rich? - Love & Hip Hop: New York



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