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Luminous Inverter Repair & Services

Luminous inverter service courtney robertson boyfriend 2018 Latest Comments Sandeep October 15, 2018 I too experiencing the worst service. Next time will never buy. My inverter is not working and service person told it is the problem with battery luminous inverter service vehicle visiting home to pick up. But no vehicle turned up from last 1 week.

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Ans. If you are going for an off grid solar solution, solar batteries are one of the crucial components as they allow you to store the electricity generated by the solar plant and use it in case of power outages or in case of no mains. Ans. For maximum generation of power, the solar panel must be faced true south direction; The reason behind it is that when sun moves from east and goes to west, it leans towards south direction. Ans. The angle must be fixed as per your location latitude.

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luminous inverter का fuse ख़राब होने पर कौन सा किस नंबर का फ्यूज लगाना है

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