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Limoges Map — Satellite Images of Limoges

Map limoges area france leaving ghana with gold Start Your Free Trial Today Although the region is not heavily industrialized, map limoges area france features a broad range ljmoges industrial activity dispersed over a wide area. Well-represented industries include food processingpaper, leather, and ceramics. After World War I the manufacture of armaments developed as a result of decentralizations from the Paris region.

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The only town of any size in the Limousin region is the city of Limoges; with about 140,000 inhabitants, and an urban area of almost 300,000 inhabitants, greater Limoges provides about half of all the jobs in the region - which gives a good idea of how depopulated the rest of the region is. Until the turn of the millennium, the Limousin, part of the " empty France " area, was a region that had been losing population for a century or so; that decline has now been halted, thanks largely to an influx of people from outside the region, in from Britain and Holland, seeking a quiet location in which to settle. Once a Roman city, Limoges, lying on the river Vienne and on a main route between Paris and Toulouse, has always been a major centre, in this relatively sparsely populated region. In the Middle Ages, it was renowned as a centre of arts and culture.

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