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Linda Wallem Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Melissa Etheridge's Wife

Melissa etheridge and linda wallem journal article about abortion pdf Feedly Melissa Etheridge and wife Linda Wallem - long time friends turned long time love May 31, 2014 was the day melissa etheridge and linda wallem Melissa Etheridge wed her best friend Linda Wallem. This was the first official wedding for Melissa Etheridge, but the third ceremony that she had. Her previous 2 long-term relationships were both before the legalization of same-sex marriage and were, therefore, both commitment ceremonies. Her partner was Julie Cypher, melisea film director.

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Print Article AA Even after all Melissa Etheridge has accomplished as a legendary rock singer-songwriter, there still are music critics who claim her trademark raspy vocals can go from passionate to histrionic when she really gets going. The Leavenworth, Kansas, native has crafted her musical success out of her unquenchable thirst for confessional and anthemic rock songs. She has persevered through much and still is as relevant today as when she began close to 30 years ago. Six Grammy nominations would come in her first seven years, from which came two wins.

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Melissa Etheridge Talks About Her Recent Wedding - The Queen Latifah Show

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