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The Ten Best “Office” Episodes

Michael scott ping episodes foreign girl for marriage Copy Link Copied 13 Diversity Day Season 1 Episode 2 After offending almost every member of the staff with michael scott ping episodes rendition of a Chris Rock routine, Michael and the rest are forced to sit through some corporate-mandated sensitivity training. Hijacking the meeting, Michael disagrees with michael scott ping episodes facilitator, and instead has the office play a game in which they are assigned a race and have to guess what it is based on stereotypes. Touted by fans and critics alike as one of the best episodes in the series, "Diversity Day" was an introduction to the misguided regional manager we would all come to know and love. Written by B.

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I hate it. When she picks up a vibe after Jim has a conversation with Kelly, Pam points out something is up. Jim does some initial investigating and eventually recruits Dwight to determine if there is a plot against them.

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9,986,000 Minutes - The Office US

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