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Moroccan culture clothing kik dating deutsch Save to wishlist Save to Wishlist Worn throughout the world, the kaftan caftan has long held a coveted fashion as well as cultural status. However in Morocco it enjoys a special significance. Moroccan culture clothing dress is worn exclusively by women, both as an everyday outfit and haute-couture attire —depending on the material. The first mention of the kaftan in Morocco moroccan culture clothing in the 16th century, although the kaftan had been worn across the Middle East and Persia long before this time. While numerous Moroccans, especially those from the younger generations, opt to wear modern Western garments for day-to-day life, special occasions and ceremonial events typically see a return to traditions. Traditional Moroccan clothes are often not only attractive, but the long, loose, and flowing garments are both compliant with religious beliefs and practical for keeping cool in the hot and sunny conditions. Learn more about the history and use of traditional Moroccan items and perhaps be inspired to buy some local clothing as a souvenir on your next visit to the kingdom. Djellaba The djellaba may be found in other North African countries as well as Morocco, but it is still one of the most commonly worn items of clothing by Moroccans.

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It mirrors the richness of other parts of Moroccan culture — architecture, cuisine, gardens, customs and history in general. Opposite of the rule of some fashion gurus where less is more, here in Morocco more is more. Ornamented and colourful clothes, heavy make up and shining accessories can be seen very often on the streets of Morocco.

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The dress code is one of the many aspects that have been influenced by this diverse cultural heritage. Typically, Moroccans continue wearing the traditional clothing of their predecessors without extensive variation or influence from the Western fashion.



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