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Boeing's MQ-25 refueling drone moved to air base for flight testing

Mq-25 stingray drone aerial refueler xsolla eft charge Getty Images For decades, the the range of carrier-based aircraft gradually increased as aircraft development progressed. As a 2015 CNAS report pointed out, in 1944 an Essex-class aircraft carrier could send 90 aircraft carrying an average of 1,800 pounds of bombs to strike targets mq-25 stingray drone aerial refueler to 748 miles away. By 1956 a carrier could send 46 planes, each armed with 4,600 pounds of bombs, to strike targets 1,210 miles away—and up to 1,800 miles away if the KA-3 Skywarrior aerial refueling tanker was involved.

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Navy's proposed refueling drone the best strategy for empowering pilots to penetrate enemy airspace? In the decade after 2005, a succession of U. Test drones made arrested landings on an aircraft carrier, coordinated a simulated pre-emptive strike against enemy air defenses, and delivered bombs onto test targets in the desert. Those who witnessed that pioneering decade of X-plane flights probably could not have predicted that in late 2015 the Defense Department would choose unarmed drones with belly pods as the first unmanned aircraft destined for its aircraft carriers.

The MQ-25 "Stingray" - U.S. Navy Fuel Drone

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Watch Finally: Here's the Navy's new stealth refueling tanker (MQ-25)

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