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Extended Interview: Nathan Fillion Talks Destiny, Halo, And His Passion For Gaming

Nathan fillion firefly interview the statute of limitations for adverse possession in california is CommentComment Nathan Nathaj is best known for his work on beloved TV shows such as Castle and Firefly, but he's also voiced some memorable characters in gaming, such as Halo's Buck and Destiny's Cayde-6. Fillion is an avid fan of video games, especially the FPS genre. We recently chatted with him about how nathan fillion firefly interview got into games, if he'd ever want to play Nathan Drake, and his favorite games of nathan fillion firefly interview time.

Mar 21, 2015 PJ Haarsma Whether you are a Firefly diehard or have never seen a frame of the series, you're no doubt at least aware of its existence. This is an achievement in its own right, considering that the Fox show—an epic sci-fi-western-dramedy from the mind of Joss Whedon—was cancelled before the end of its first and only season. But it's more of a testament to the loyalty of show's fan base, aka Browncoats, who done everything in their power to champion the 14-episode program since its debut in 2002. They paid for an ad in Variety to save the show.

Halo 3 ODST - Nathan Fillion

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