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What are the oldest living animals in the world?

Oldest living coral reef download imessage premium apk Blane Perun Scientists from the Stanford University as well as the University of California at Santa Cruz have recently discovered off the coast of Hawaii what might be the oldest coral reef on Earth. The colony is formed of a species of black coral and it is estimated that the oldest of these creatures are more than 4,000 years old. Using radiocarbon dating the scientists have concluded that the oldest of liviing corals are 4,265 years old oldest living coral reef them the oldest marine organisms known to man. These corals belong to the Leiopathes oldest living coral reef also known as black corals. Photo courtesy. R. Stark, stark8 llnl. Researchers from Lawrence Livermore, Stanford University and the University of California at Santa Cruz have determined that two groups of Hawaiian deep-sea corals are far older than previously recorded.

Racing to Save Dying Coral Reefs

Corals Without Sunlight? Around the World This map shows where some of the most significant species of deep-sea corals are located.

black coral

They date back some 390 million years and are approx. Coral reefs are among most complex ecosystems, commonly known from shallow and warm seas. They are built primarily by corals remaining in symbiosis with single-celled algae.

Coral Spawning 2011 - Deep Sea Divers Den - Cairns - Great Barrier Reef

9 of the Longest Living Sea Creatures

how many species of coral are there

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