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How To Paint A Metal Light Fixture

Painting wrought iron chandelier fear and intimidation because of powerlessness I have put most of my plans for this room on hold, but I need a few small projects to do in between the bigger ones that I still have to tackle in my studioffice. I figured why not start. This is a simple spray paint transformation painting wrought iron chandelier the light that hangs above my kitchen table. Do you need to learn how to spray paint a chandelier? Check out how I went from brass to beautiful!! I taped the electrical with frog tape from bottom to top in a diagonal to make it easier to remove.

brass chandelier makeover with chalk paint

We just opted for indigo blue spray paint and added a giant drum shade to our old brass friend. Hence the blues joke. Patience, grasshopper. Though a more proper re-enactment of my many run-ins with the fixture would look something more like this. Just imagine a speech bubble with some expletives in it.

How to make an iron chandelier

Q. How do you charge the shipping fee? A. All items on SaveLights.

Update Porch Lights for Less than $10

Chalk Paint Metal Series - 4 Section Plaque is FINISHED Video #7 "I Love To Chalk Paint"



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