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Passport office appointment number image raiders of the lost ark Those who are passport office appointment number a tourist visa will be issued EC Emergency Certificate only 12 Those who are on tourist visa from a third country, can be issued short validity, hand written passport, provided they submit proof of their residence in the third country, to facilitate them to go back to the respective third country Emergency Certificate An Emergency Certificate one way travel document which authorises an Indian national to enter India, is issued to a citizen of India passport office appointment number passport has been lost, stolen or damaged and to whom new passport cannot be issued without approval from India. This service is primarily extended with the objective of ensuring their return to India. The final decision of issuing an Emergency Certificate is subject to a detailed examination by the Embassy. It may be noted that confirmed air tickets are required for issue of Emergency Certificate. Women must submit marriage certifcate s if applicable Women must submit divorce decree s if applicable If you hold citizenship of any another country other than your country of birth, you must produce. 1 The Passport of that country 2 The Certificate of Citizenship of that country showing the date on which you acquired citizenship. Please note that other documents may be requested during the interview and photo copies of all original documents must be submitted What is needed for a Machine Readable Passport renewal? STOP. If renewing a passport that is not machine readable, please follow instructions for applying for a first time issue.

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You may not need to apply for a new U. If you would like to renew your U. If you do need to apply for a nonimmigrant visa, please follow the steps below.

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