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Patient referral for surgery he cheated and chose her Some optometrists fear patient referral for surgery sending a patient to another provider will mean that the patient is lost forever. However, taking charge of the referral process demonstrates to the patient that you are trustworthy and concerned about their long-term health, which helps ensure their eventual return. Having started my career in a bustling surgical practice with a high referral volume and then transitioning to an optometric private practice with multiple doctors, I can speak from both sides of this issue.

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August 09, 2018 When and how to refer patients to a fellow physician Doctors love to see patients come and hate to see them go. Patient retention aside, there are many reasons it can be beneficial to offer a referral. According to a report in the Annals of Family Medicine, 45 percent of physicians receive new patients through referrals yearly. And although independent physicians aim for high patient retention, referrals can sometimes be ideal — or even necessary — to smoothen the overall patient experience and reduce care gaps.

Maxillectomy with Carotid Ligation Dog Surgery At Specialist Veterinary Hospital, Melbourne

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Patients at Kisii Hospital enjoy rare plastic surgery services from a Cuban doctor

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